Outcomes & Impacts: Community Services

Community Services are not prescribed programs in which the child and family need to conform to a particular service structure. Rather, our services are responsive to the individual and the evolving needs of the client and family. As such, we see families as often as requested and/or needed (typically a minimum of 3x per week), when and where it is most convenient and constructive for the client and family.

Through each Community Services program, there are individualized short and long-term outcomes that are worked towards.

Short-Term Outcomes
  • Clients begin to recognize COMPASS as a support system and seek out services independently
  • Engage clients and families quickly to ensure accountability from involved agencies including schools, the courts, health centers, and other service providers
  • Consistent progress towards goals by clients, families, and involved agencies in order to meet established outcomes.
Long-Term Outcomes

Clients and families meet the outcomes specified at the onset of services (or modified outcomes based on input from collateral service providers) – such as:

  • Stable attendance at school
  • Resolution of legal issues
  • Stabilization of daily family life issues
  • Successful referrals to long-term services
  • Reunification
  • Positive parent-child relationships and interactions
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