Nathania Onyeagoro Named Director of Educational Services

In November 2020, Principal Beth Labbe announced she was retiring from her position at the COMPASS School, effective June 30, 2021. Since January 2021, the COMPASS School has been undergoing a strategic transformation to continue best serving the students attending COMPASS and their families. This transformation had led to a new leadership structure within the School, moving to a three-person leadership team: Director of Educational Services, Director of Clinical Services (Terry Belli), and Director of Admissions and Family Engagement (Keir Araujo).

Starting in January 2021, COMPASS began searching for the Director of Educational Services. During multiple rounds of interviews, staff from across the COMPASS School had the opportunity to meet with applicants and provide feedback. As a result of the extensive search process, COMPASS is excited to announce that Nathania Onyeagoro will be joining the COMPASS School as the Director of Educational Services, starting on August 30, 2021.

Nathania has worked in different schools in advising, teaching, and special education administrative roles. Nathania graduated from Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and International Relations. She then obtained a Master of Education from Curry College, and in 2019 completed Curry College’s School Leadership Program with a focus on Special Education Administration.

As Director of Educational Services, Nathania will be responsible for the academic programming at all grade levels, with the priority of meeting students’ special education needs. Nathania will also be a valued member of the COMPASS senior leadership team, contributing to the strategic direction of the organization. 

Laura Lajewski, Executive Director, explained, “We are so excited to have Nathania join our school, and the COMPASS Community as a whole.  Nathania spent some time with us this summer as we planned for our training week and the upcoming school year.   Her experience, skills and knowledge continue to impress me and I know that she will be a champion for our students and our staff.”

Welcome, Nathania!

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