2014 Violence Prevention Slogans Announced

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Each year as part of a "classroom challenge" students are asked to submit slogans that convey violence prevention messages they believe are important. Winning slogan(s) often become part of COMPASS’ annual Violence Prevention t-shirt design, which are worn during the Violence Prevention & Recognition Event, being held this year on Wednesday, June 11th.

2014 Winning Slogan: "WE ARE THE FUTURE"

Slogans submitted this year include:

  • Make peace not violence
  • It is a war of words
  • Just believe
  • Be positive
  • Power to the Peaceful
  • Give Respect… Get Respect
  • When in Doubt, Talk it Out
  • Ask, Listen, Respect
  • Peace is Prevention
  • In violence, we forget who we are
  • Nonviolence is Life-affirming
  • Peace Come pass it on!
  • Stop the Drama Guy!
  • Power and Peace Prevent
  • Make a difference today
  • I am the future
  • One Love One Fight
  • Fight for tomorrow
  • Keep the peace, prevent Violence
  • Keep strong, Stop the Wrong
  • Keep kind, find Peace
  • Love is power
  • Violence solves nothing love does
  • Love, Respect, Power
  • Peace, live, love
  • Violence is never the answer
  • Respect is the word
  • Peace love harmony
  • When in doubt, chill out
  • Bad place? Take space!
  • Got Peace?
  • Think, communicate, mediate
  • Where ís the peace?
  • Don’t be rude, be nice
  • Don’t bully, be happy
  • What can peace do for you?
  • Look what peace can do
  • Paix, paz, peace, satta, hoa binh

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