Board of Directors

James M. Tierney – Board Chair
Managing Director – New England Market at JLL, Boston, MA

Sandra Best Bailly
Associate Director, Student Support and Alumni Networks at Simmons University, Boston, MA

Jacquelyn Cope
Senior Resident Services Manager at Peabody Properties, Inc., Braintree, MA

Leo Corcoran
Principal at Snow Point Development, Boston, MA


John J. Lydon (Ret.)
Former Executive Director

Timothy Hough
Physician at Commonwealth Radiology Associates – Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, MA

Dave Manzo
President & CEO at Cotting School, Lexington, MA

James Marchetti
Senior Counsel at Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Waltham, MA

Nancy Sandman
Former Fundraising Executive

Bill Steinkrauss
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer at Curis, Inc, Lexington, MA

Ronald Tull
Shareholder at Schofer Dillberg & Company, Inc., Norwood, MA

Yvonne Vest
Principal – Middle School Academy at Boston Public Schools, Dorchester, MA


Laura Lajewski
Executive Director
Education: BA, UMass Amherst; M. Ed. – UMass Amherst; Ph.D. – UMass Boston
Year Started at COMPASS: 2010

“In both programs, COMPASS helps youth and families build the skills they need to move forward in their lives. COMPASS is a unique place with an amazing group of hard-working, dedicated people. We are all different, but we come together with the same mission of helping and supporting others.”

Sandra Skinner
Senior Director of Administration
Education: MA, Counseling Psychology – Lesley University
Year Started at COMPASS: 1987

“I have worked for COMPASS my whole professional career because our priority has always been the students and families we serve. We do great work! I have been lucky to hold many different leadership positions here, which has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. COMPASS has always managed to attract great employees, making my working environment fantastic.”

Community Services

Margaret Nicholson
Director of Community Services
Education: Masters in Social Work (MSW) – Boston College
Year Started at COMPASS: 1985

“COMPASS supports creativity and individualization in our service delivery. We do not offer a one size fits all approach, which is what makes us so effective. Coupled with a passionate and diverse work force, it is a winning combination!”

Louise Pacheco
Assistant Director of Community Services
Education: BA, Psychology – Worcester State College; MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Southern New Hampshire University
Year Started at COMPASS: 2013

“COMPASS makes a difference in our families lives everyday. Our staff has a unique ability to make positive changes within their families lives. COMPASS has the ability to put smiles on our clients’ faces even when they are having a hard day.”

Takia Fields-Palmer
Clinical Director
Education: M. Ed., Counseling Psychology - Cambridge College
Year Started at COMPASS: 1999

“COMPASS is just like our families, ever evolving, but one thing that will always remain the same is the passion to persevere.”


Terry Belli
Director of Clinical Services and Director of IT
Education: Masters in Social Work (MSW), Salem State University
Year Started at COMPASS: 1990

“COMPASS is a very supportive setting, that builds strong relationships with students, parents, guardians, and collaterals. We strive to build capacity and help students reach their full potential. Additionally, it is great to use technology to help our staff, students, and clients succeed.”

Anne-Carol Malone
Director of Professional Development and Volunteers
Education: BS, Special Education – Fitchburg State University; MEd, Curriculum Development – Boston College
Year Started at COMPASS: 1982

“COMPASS is important because we accept all students for where they are when they come to us, from the minute they start we build relationships so they will have they ability to recognize their strengths and develop skills to compensate for their weaknesses. I like working at COMPASS because everyday I get to watch students learn they have a voice, they are stronger than they thought they were, and most importantly meet individual goals that will lead them to life long successes.”

Keir Araujo
Director of Admissions and Family Engagement
Education: Master’s in Counseling Psychology – Cambridge College
Year Started at COMPASS: 2011

“COMPASS is important because of the effort we make to have a positive effect on the children and families we work with.”

David Buckingham
Education Coordinator
Education: BA, Psychology – University of North Florida; MA, Teaching (Behavioral and Emotional Disabilities) – North Carolina Central University
Year Started at COMPASS: 2014

“COMPASS is providing hope for and making a difference in the lives of those students who struggle to be successful in mainstream education. COMPASS is designed to address the needs of students who have often experienced significant trauma in their lives. We provide a safe haven where they can learn to trust adults again, as well as believe in their ability to be productive members of society. COMPASS is one of the few schools that embody the philosophy and practices I was taught in my MAT coursework. We make a positive difference in student’s lives.”

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