After School Action Program


Remediation and academic and enrichment programs

After School Action Program (A.S.A.P.) provides remediation and academic enrichment services for low-income students at Roxbury's Orchard Gardens K-8 School, and at the Middle School Academy, located in South Boston's Gavin Middle School. Goals include:

  • to enable children to achieve substantially higher levels of academic performance and personal achievement.
  • to foster a family/residential environment that encourages students' academic and social growth
  • to draw on community resources to assist students who have academic and/or social problems.

A Long History Providing After School Services

COMPASS has been providing quality After School services since 1987 when it opened its first After School Program at the Dever School in Dorchester, called Harbor Point After School Program. This program was begun with the support of Joe Corcoran, founder and chairman of Corcoran-Jennison Companies, and a grant from the City of Boston.

Joe is "credited as a pioneer in advancing the concept of mixed income housing and converting troubled public housing projects into successful communities." Joe led the partnership that transformed Dorchester's Columbia Point public housing into Harbor Point, which became a national model for mixed-income, public-private partnership housing.

Staff Contacts

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