Stand Tall…
Don’t Fall!

Help us reach our goal of raising $7,500 for youth and families in need!

For A SUGGESTED DONATION OF $10, you will RECEIVE AN ENTRY to our Spring Drawing for a chance to win prizes:


$350 Visa Gift Card


3 – $150 VISA Gift Card


3 – $50 VISA Gift Cards

Over the past 49 years, COMPASS has served more than 45,000 individuals and families in need.

Every 13 tickets sold will help feed a small family, allowing them to afford groceries for a couple weeks.

Since 1974 we’ve been making today matter by supporting youth and families in need. You can do the same: by entering our Spring Drawing you’ll help needy families with unexpected or emergency expenses. The John J. Lydon Help Fund supports families with emergency assistance for groceries, housing, utilities, clothing, education, and job readiness. Families that are experiencing a dire financial situation where they need help accessing basic needs can apply for small grants through the Help Fund.

During the past year, The john j. lydon help fund has been used in the following ways:

Examples of the Help Fund in Action:

The Help Fund contributed to a Community Services family’s rent payment, helping them avoid eviction from their home.

The Help Fund enabled a Community Services family to pay a past due utility bill, thereby avoiding a winter shut off.

The Help Fund aided a COMPASS School student with college application fees because his family could not afford them.

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