“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” An afternoon of self-care activities for COMPASS Staff

Starting at COMPASS’ annual Orientation in August 2018, COMPASS staff made a goal of engaging in more self-care activities. The work that COMPASS staff performs each day can be both physically and emotionally draining. Without taking time to recharge, staff are likely to burnout quickly – and either leave their positions or field entirely. In order to combat burnout, Chief Operating Officer, Laura Lajewski, formed a voluntary committee with staff from across the organization to plan and execute an afternoon of self-care activities, which became known as the “COMPASS Cares” initiative.

For over three months, the committee planned the self-care afternoon, finally culminating on Wednesday, January 16th from 1:30-4PM. During this event, the COMPASS Cares Committee provided a wide variety of sessions for staff to choose from, ranging from a CrossFit class to a painting class. These activities offered staff opportunities to de-stress based on their own personalities and preferences; there were activities for introverts and extroverts along with passive and active stress relief. All of these activities had one central goal: to encourage staff to take an active role in their own self-care.


Staff had the choice to participate in the following activities (staff could choose up to 2):

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: staff learned ways to help relieve common joint pain and unwind from everyday stressors (led by Family Specialist, Jared Mello)

Yoga and Meditation: staff were taught a combination of yoga and meditation poses and practices to calm their mind, body, and soul (led by Teacher, Martha Lopez)

Relaxation Station: staff explored healthy and calming coping strategies in our Sensory Room (led by staff members Kelly Laurendi, Sarina Van Zyl, Sean Smith, and Tyler Kirk)

Fitness Class: staff joined coaches from CrossFit Craic for 45 minutes of movement

Chair Massages and Coloring: staff received a 10-minute chair massage from a professional massage therapist and enjoyed coloring (provided by Boston Chair Massage)

Paint Nite: staff were led through a step-by-step painting of an island oasis (led by Family Clinician, Amanda Bravo)

Healthy Snacks: All staff were treated to healthy snacks provided by our Culinary Arts team (led by Chef Dellicia Shorter)


A BIG “thank you” to all of the staff who served on the COMPASS Cares Committee:

Laura Lajewski, Gregg Grenier, Tyler Kirk, Kelly Laurendi, Martha Lopez, Anne-Carol Malone,

Jared Mello, Sandra Skinner, Sean Smith, Sarina Van Zyl,

Amanda Bravo, and Dellicia Shorter.


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