2014 Violence Prevention Slogans Announced

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Each year as part of a “classroom challenge” students are asked to submit slogans that convey violence prevention messages they believe are important. Winning slogan(s) often become part of COMPASS’ annual Violence Prevention t-shirt design, which are worn during the Violence Prevention & Recognition Event, being held this year on Wednesday, June 11th.

COMPASS specializes in providing services to youth and families that have been referred by public systems, including public school districts, and the Department of Children and Families.

Founded in 1974, COMPASS is a nonprofit organization that provides services to an at-risk population of youth, adolescents and families. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and individualized educational, stabilization, transition, counseling, support, and enrichment services through our school-based and family-based programs. Throughout our history, we have maintained a commitment to providing the highest quality services, with an experienced, committed, and diverse staff.

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2014 Winning Slogan: “WE ARE THE FUTURE”

Slogans submitted this year include:

  • Make peace not violence
  • It is a war of words
  • Just believe
  • Be positive
  • Power to the Peaceful
  • Give Respect… Get Respect
  • When in Doubt, Talk it Out
  • Ask, Listen, Respect
  • Peace is Prevention
  • In violence, we forget who we are
  • Nonviolence is Life-affirming
  • Peace Come pass it on!
  • Stop the Drama Guy!
  • Power and Peace Prevent
  • Make a difference today
  • I am the future
  • One Love One Fight
  • Fight for tomorrow
  • Keep the peace, prevent Violence
  • Keep strong, Stop the Wrong
  • Keep kind, find Peace
  • Love is power
  • Violence solves nothing love does
  • Love, Respect, Power
  • Peace, live, love
  • Violence is never the answer
  • Respect is the word
  • Peace love harmony
  • When in doubt, chill out
  • Bad place? Take space!
  • Got Peace?
  • Think, communicate, mediate
  • Where ís the peace?
  • Don’t be rude, be nice
  • Don’t bully, be happy
  • What can peace do for you?
  • Look what peace can do
  • Paix, paz, peace, satta, hoa binh

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