COMPASS 2018 Science Fair

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For over fifteen years, COMPASS students have been developing hypotheses and creating experiments for the annual Science Fair. Taking place at the end of each school year, students work individually and collectively with their classes to design a study that follows the curriculum for their science courses. The Science Fair program is a unique way to bring the entire school together and display the students’ hard work. At its inception, this program was just for the high school students, but it has organically grown over the years to include the entire student body.

This year’s Science Fair took place on June 12th in the school auditorium, where there were 41 projects on display. These projects represented a 90% participation rate by COMPASS students. Each project integrated five essential components: a research question, at least one hypothesis, a materials list, data collection, and conclusions. These components were demonstrated on tri-fold poster boards that were on display for the entire school to see in the auditorium. Some projects tested the following hypotheses: “the higher the fat content [in milk], the better the [color] reaction”; “different types of soda will change the type of reaction” (volcano); “the egg will bounce after we soak it in vinegar and orange soda”; and “basketball players will make more 2 point shots [compared to 3-pointers] because they are easier”.

Staff and teachers spent time judging the projects and will be handing out awards in the following categories on June 13th during COMPASS’ annual Violence Prevention Ceremony: Outstanding, Honorable Mention, and Participation.

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