COMPASS School Family Night

On Wednesday, January 30, the COMPASS School held its annual “Family Night” where students’ parents/guardians had the opportunity to talk with school staff, meet other parents and guardians, and to see their student’s work. “It was wonderful to see so many families come out on such a cold night!”, says Principal Beth Labbe. “The second quarter is drawing to a close. It’s a good time to see student work, to check on progress and to make plans for the rest of the school year.”

When families arrived at the COMPASS School lobby at 5PM, they were greeted by an array of staff members, including Clinicians, Caseworkers, teachers, and school
administration. The students were eagerly introducing their family members to the staff that they work with each day – making stronger connections with their internal and external support systems. The families were treated to dinner, which consisted of pizza, salad, and desserts (which were handmade by Culinary Arts students). Once made to feel at home, parents and guardians were brought to their student’s classroom to meet with teachers to discuss their student’s progress and to share any concerns they might have.

According to Principal Beth Labbe, “fortunately, we are in close contact with families throughout the school year, but it is always good to take time to meet with families in this informal setting.  Getting together for some pizza and conversation helps to build relationships that foster communication between home and school and shows students that everyone is working together for them.” Throughout the evening, many families visited the COMPASS School, giving them an opportunity to have positive interactions with the staff and gain additional insight into their student’s daily life at school. It is COMPASS’ goal to engage families every step of the way with respect to a student’s emotional, behavioral, and academic growth.

“We are able to do our best work with students when their families are involved,” expressed Principal Labbe. “We try to establish a home/school team that allows us to provide support to the students and to their families, as well.”

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