Celebrating those who have dedicated more than 25 years of service to COMPASS

On February 3, 2021, COMPASS celebrated Principal Beth Labbe’s 25th anniversary milestone. Beth stated, “it is still registering with me; it is impossible to believe that 25 years have passed since the first time I walked in the door on Sunnyside Street (COMPASS’ previous location).” COMPASS is committed to celebrating the dedication of its staff and recognizing their career milestones.

Since COMPASS’ founding in 1974, its staff have been the backbone of the organization. Starting as the Community Advancement Program (CAP Special Education), to Boston Basics, to Community Providers of Adolescent Services (COMPASS), its programs and services have evolved in response to the changing needs of clients. Over the past 47 years, there are more students across Massachusetts that need a smaller, therapeutic setting to be successful in school. There are more individuals and families who are in crisis, requiring extra support to move forward with their lives. Both the COMPASS School and Community Services program have grown substantially in recent years as COMPASS has expanded its reach to work with a greater number of individuals and families. The commitment of all of COMPASS staff have made this organization so successful since its inception. 

The continued growth and success of COMPASS is dependent on devoted and capable employees. According to Executive Director Laura Lajewski, “we are extremely fortunate to have many staff members who have dedicated significant portions – and in some cases, all – of their careers to COMPASS. To recognize and celebrate the achievements of those who have more than 25 years of service to COMPASS, we have created the North Star Club.” All current and former staff members who have 25 or more years of service to COMPASS will be recognized and inducted. 

The North Star Club’s inductees will be forever memorialized at COMPASS by having their names engraved on plaques that will reside at all of COMPASS’ offices to serve as an ongoing reminder of their accomplishments. The group of 15 individuals who make up the inaugural class of inductees have devoted more than 450 collective years of service to COMPASS. 

The inaugural inductees are as follows:

  • Edmundo Aguero (30 years)
  • Terence Belli (31 years)
  • Sharde Berry (25 years)
  • Stephen Bromberg (32 years)
  • Glenn Koch* (26 years)
  • Elizabeth Labbe (25 years)
  • John Lydon* (44 years)
  • Anne-Carol Malone (39 years)
  • David Manzo** (42 years) 
  • Margaret Nicholson (36 years)
  • Ines “Txiki” Rodriguez (30 years)
  • Zulema Romero-Mendivil (28 years)
  • Sandra Skinner (34 years)
  • Margaret “Peg” Savage* (26 years)
  • Yvonne Vest** (38 years)

(*Former Staff; **Former Staff and Current Board Member)

Going forward, eligible staff will be inducted into the North Star Club in either June or December each year. 

Congratulations to all of the inductees!

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