State Street Grant Enables Vocational Training

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Some of our students most significant achievements this year involve the work COMPASS has been able to do (and provide) thanks to the State Street Grant we received last year.


The grant allows us to pay students stipends for work they’re doing in the building and in the surrounding community. Seven students (Michael, Sharif, Sean, Tyler, Jean, Darwin, and Kendrick) are participating in our Building Maintenance and Repair program (BMR) in the afternoon with staff members Tucker Allan and Alberto Rivera. The Building Maintenance and Repair (BMR) program not only gives them the opportunity to earn money and to learn job skills, but keeps the school clean and serves as an incentive to come to school and remain in school until the day is over.

Johnathan, a member of the COMPASS’ Culinary Arts training program, has been able to diversify his skills this year, and has spent the last three months working with a local computer business called Genius Planet, learning many skills that he will take with him as he transitions out of our program in the future. Without the State Street Grant, these opportunities would not have been available to these students.

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