Rebooting Classroom Technology: A Successful Campaign

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The foundation of all of COMPASS’ programs is to provide its clients with the tools to be successful in their pursuit of education. The COMPASS School, specifically, offers a therapeutic setting for children with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities.

In order to fulfill our mission to its fullest, frequent technological upgrades are necessary. COMPASS has been at an inflection point where its computer infrastructure is in need of being updated within its classrooms. At the COMPASS School, each student utilizes a computer during their everyday curriculum to meet (and hopefully exceed) their academic requirements. Additionally, computers are used to provide adaptive educational opportunities for students that have any type of learning and/or sensory disability. COMPASS’ teachers strive to provide a robust, well-rounded experience for their students that do not thrive in a traditional classroom setting; creativity, updated technology, and hands-on experiences are critical to succeeding in this endeavor.

With this need, the COMPASS Technology Program campaign was launched in September. The goal was to provide as many Chromebook laptops as we could to be used in classrooms along with ongoing maintenance and repair. These will provide each student in those classrooms the ability to use a laptop simultaneously during each class session. By engaging with updated technology, COMPASS students will continue on their journey to academic achievement and begin to discover and develop creative interests and appreciation for the world beyond the school’s walls.

We are extremely grateful to our Board of Directors members, along with eCratchit (our financial services partner) for providing over $6,000 this campaign! With these funds, we have been able to purchase 25 Chromebook laptops for our classrooms. Our teachers and students are excited to get the opportunity to explore the additional use of technology in the classroom, and we cannot wait to see what they learn and create!

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