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Comprehensive Support & Stabilization Case Worker Steve B. was recently honored with a commendation
letter from Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. The commendation came as a result of a letter sent to Governor Deval
Patrick by a grateful mother, Gale F., whose family Steve had worked with. In addition to her kind letter, Gale created and dedicated a painting to Steve, shown here along with Senator Kerry’s commendation. Her letter to Governor Patrick follows:

Dear Governor Deval Patrick,

I know you are working hard on the concerns and the future of the Massachusetts residents. I know that balancing the budget has to be done. I have faith that you will keep in mind that the future is with our children.

… my request will not cost much. I would like to request 3 state employees to be recognized for their excellent professional family support over the past 18+ months. Their support has made it possible for me to keep myself together through an extremely difficult period in my life. Their jobs are rarely recognized when they are done right but often noticed when something goes wrong. My story starts with my 15 yr. old son’s poor attendance at school. The F. High School and… myself had a CHINS placed on my son. He… was found to be a good kid that was headed in the wrong direction.

In the past 15 months, I have injured both shoulders and badly torn rotator cuffs while at work. I came down with a blood infection, for which I had to have therapy to stand and walk again. I have just had the 2nd operation on my shoulders. My mother expired from bladder cancer and 10 days later my sister-in-law expired from a chronic pancreas problem. I have guardianship of my 3 grandchildren, a girl 12 yrs. old and twin boys 11 yrs. old. The twins are developmentally behind with autism. Their parents are going through a divorce plus other problems. My husband has been out of work for 3+ years. Any one of these problems can be hard on a family. The following 3 employees have helped my children with counseling, school support, rides to work for my son, a 2+ months hospital stay, getting through 2 funerals and the past holidays. They have been always available to me and have been called upon throughout this time…

One of these workers, Steve B., a family clinician at COMPASS’ Community Stabilization & Support Program, supported my son through school problems, rides to work, counseling, etc. He has mentored my son. He has been a much needed positive [role] model to my son. Steve has been helpful through all the previous named problems. On top of that, Steve arranged time for my granddaughter to be with a female COMPASS employee. He helped get the twins into an Autism program to help with school vacation days.

I truthfully believe if [this] person was not part of my life over the past 18+ months, my children would have paid a price for the problems around them. I have a great need to thank these people. I hope you can see it fit to honor this request for a letter of recognition to these invaluable employees. God bless you all…

Gale F.

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