Comprehensive Support & Stabilization


Helping families in crisis in real time

Program Information

We contract with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) to provide a comprehensive service to children and families involved in the child welfare system. COMPASS Family Specialists and Clinicians work to develop, support and strengthen the skills that families need to provide a safe and supportive environment for their children. COMPASS serves as a liaison between the families and the public school, social service and/or juvenile justice systems and meets with clients and their families several times a week in the home and in the community.

Support and Stabilization Services are responsive to the individual, evolving needs of the client and family. With the diversity of our staff, CSS is able to serve families whose primary languages include English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, and Portuguese.

What makes COMPASS unique?

  • Quick and flexible responses to families and collaterals.
  • Assigning of as many staff members as is necessary to work with the client and family.
  • 24-hour emergency on-call services.
  • Considerable court experience with status and criminal offenses.
  • Experience helping guardians to develop better parenting techniques.
  • Extensive knowledge of special needs, developmental stages, mental health and/or medication issues.
  • Advocacy in the fields of education, law, housing, employment, transitional assistance and medical needs.
  • Long-term relationships with the community resources that will serve the long-term needs of families.
Region Wide

In 2014, CSS provided services to 1234 families in 17 area offices and 61 cities and towns. The number of families served has nearly doubled in the past 5 years.

Responsive, Dedicated

We respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of both clients and the contracting agency, assigning as many staff members as necessary to maximize goal acheivement. Our team works a minimum of 3 times per week with each family.

Crisis Intervention

24-hour on-call emergency services are available to help de-escalate a crisis, provide support and resources, develop safety plans and provide in-home assistance when indicated.

Court Experience

We are able to help address both status (CRA) and criminal offenses, maintaining communication with appropriate personnel, providing documentation, and accompanying families to court.

Parental Support

Parents are assisted in developing better parenting techniques, including communication skills, safety planning, behavior modification plans, problem solving, and stress and time management.

Fostering Understanding

To help set realistic expectations for their children, CSS works with parents to better understand their children's special needs, developmental stage, and mental health and/or medication issues.


Families may receive support in areas such as education, law, housing, employment, transitional assistance and medical needs.

Community Based

Parents are assisted in accessing community resources and empowered to use the existing resources to their fullest potential. Fostering connectedness to the community via local services is crucial.

Educational Involvement

Parents' involvement in their childrens' education is facilitated through telephone calls, provision of transportation, site visits, participation in team meetings and evaluations, and selection of appropriate educational programs.

Staff Contacts

Program Coordinators

School Fax: 617-506-8106
CSS/Admin Fax: 617-506-7695

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